28 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 28 March 2010

    A lot of video goodness on today's blog. To whet your appetite for the upcoming Sandy Ravage Booster Justice 3 video, here's 2 FFA matches with the sucktacular F2000 assault rifle and the Intervention sniper rifle. I haven't unlocked the F2000 on this prestige yet, but I didn't like it much the last time I used it. OTOH, Sandy Ravage cleans house with the Vector SMG, so it's the player, not the gun. The featured vid today is a CoD4 snipetage from Hutch from his time with the Optic clan. I can't get the hang of that quickscope and noscope stuff, so this is a particularly impressive vid for me. On to the links:
Sandy Ravage FFA with F2000 & Intervention

Featured CoD YouTube Video

CoD4 Quickscope Montage by Hutch
aka shaun0728

ThatGuyWhoCamps Top 5 Plays

    That frackin' radio weighed about 14 pounds. Throw in an extra couple of batteries, and you move into some major suck territory. Only the M60, at 23 lbs unloaded, was worse.
    More Gaming Links:

Zero Punctuation reviews BC2

Bad Company 2 Featured Vid

Helicopter Pwning by Mad Mike
    Non-Gaming Links:


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