28 March 2010

Morning Vent, 28 March 2010

Big Weenie versus Big Gun!

    It was a very nice night of MW2 gaming Saturday, tho we didn't play TDM as much as we usually do. TDM-wise, we went 19 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, but it wasn't because of any special effort on my part. I felt sluggish most of the night, with my reaction time very slow. When I saw the enemy, it seemed my gun was moving in slow motion, and I usually got shot before I could get off a burst. My aim was horribly off, too. Matt's best game was on Terminal, where he held down the right side against all comers with the RPD. My best game was also with a LMG, tho I didn't score very well, finishing only 7/4 on a Quarry match, but I had cunningly kitted myself out with the RPD with Bling Silencer and Grip, with Scavenger, Cold-blooded, and Steady Aim. The 7 kills with the RPD closed out weapon and LMG headshot challenges that netted me 23,000 XP and a promotion. We really didn't have to work all that hard once we had more players in the party. JKDJose had a smoking night, going 10 to 1 positive in some matches. MisterDestro joined up after JKDJose had to leave. His best match was on Estate, where we spawned as the Spetsnaz. We took control of the power station area, and MisterDestro sniped his way to a 13/5 game. I lucked out on that match, vaporizing 3 enemies with the Predator. Ironically, MisterDestro had been wearing Predator magnets on an earlier game on Afghan; despite having cold-blooded, he got nailed by the enemy Predator missile 3 times on that match. But what was really tremendous fun for me was teaming up with Matt64 to do some MW2 Special Ops missions. Using team-work, we managed to get 3 stars at Veteran difficulty on O Cristo Redemptor (the Favela Rundown level) and Sniper Fi (the Captain Price ICBM EMP launch level). There's no way on God's green earth that I could have finished those levels on Veteran by myself. On Sniper Fi, all you have to do is poke your head out a little bit and 20 spetsnaz are putting bullets in it, covering your FOV with strawberry jam. (Really, IW, was all that red goo necessary? Bad enough that the enemies are pretty much cheating, but you have to blind the player when they're wounded, too?)

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