04 March 2010

Morning Vent, 4 March 2010

 Glock 17L 9MM Longslide...
Longslide. Get it?

    We wound up celebrating Mom's birthday yesterday. I had thought we were going to do a weekend dinner thing, but we went to the Double O Grill yesterday afternoon. It was just as well. Just as Reibo and I were leaving the house to meet the folks down at the Double O, a fleet of power company trucks came down the street to work on the power lines. We would have had our electricity shut off for a couple of hours anyway. I can't even imagine the level of freakout which would have resulted if the power had gone off while we were at home unaware of what was going on... After dinner, Reibo and I went to have some drinks down at the local pub. I stayed a lot longer than I meant to, and I've got the headache now to prove it.
    Today's mission is to finish off what's left in the freezer unit. Afterwards, I have to recable the PC downstairs and properly hook up the Xbox 360 Arcade so I can use it to play as well as stream movies. It's pretty spiffy that the Arcade version has HDMI. The digital connection has no interference, unlike the component connection we had on the now defunct Xbox 360 Premium.

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