22 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 22 April 2010

    The big news, of course, is that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been declared "The Most Successful Entertainment Launch Ever" by the Guinness Book of World Records. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of great things about Modern Warfare 2, but it's also loaded with flaws which Activision and Infinity Ward appear to be in no itching hurry to fix. By contrast, Battlefield: Bad Company has had a weapons tweak already, as well as throwing players a customization DLC bone with kit enhancements on Xbox Live. (Tho, of course, in North America, you have to find the Dr. Pepper promotional cans in order to secure the kit DLC codes. In Europe, you can just buy the frackin' kit upgrades on XBL.)
    Today's featured vid shows that World at War is still being played and played well. captcool420 starts off the montage with a three - almost four - man spray. After that is a Sandy Ravage SPAS-12 montage from both Xbox Live and PSNet. That shotgun is like a death ray when he uses it! The video also includes some serious "Death from Above" AC-130 action! Some YouTubers commented that the SPAS-12 is overpowered. Xmetal503Z replied: "The SPAS isn't over powered, Sandy Ravage is."  On to the links:

Featured CoD YouTube Video
Wheres my round drum? Clips from 2 nights of WAW

Uploaded 20 April 2010 by captcool420

Modern Warfare 2: Spastex-130

Uploaded 20 April by Sandy Ravage

    More Gaming Links:

    First BC2 vid is a medic tutorial by UberHaxorNova with some great tips for playing well as a medic team-mate. If you're a BC2 single player fan & want to hunt down those pesky M-Com stations, two tutorial vids by Hayden Barnett are also embedded below.
UberHaxorNova: Medic Gets You a lot of POINTS! (BFBC2 Commentary)

Uploaded 15 April 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

All M-Com / Satellite Locations Tutorial Part 1

 Uploaded 14 April 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

All M-Com / Satellite Locations Tutorial Part 2

 Uploaded 16 April 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

IGN Daily Fix for 21 April 2010

Uploaded 21 April by IGNEntertainment

Does Jessica Chobot fill out a t-shirt well?
She's working on it!
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