22 April 2010

Morning Vent, 22 April 2010

Mira Sorvino gets ready to squeeze one off!

    We received the Hauppage PVR yesterday, but we haven't had time to really test it yet. We did a quick and dirty test, VCR-style, from the set top box. That actually came out really spiffy. I can see that the rendering is going to be beastly. A 2 minute clip took like 15 minutes to convert to a WMV file. Time permitting, I want to do an S-video test today, possibly of one of our Halo lowlights.
    Reibo hit the optometrist yesterday to get an eye exam and a new pair of specs. Since it was a late appointment, we went by the local pub to eat and see barmaid extraordinaire, Peaches. We were really disappointed that she wasn't working. So, we had a quick bite and a couple of brews and bailed. We'll be picking his specs up this afternoon and hopefully combining that with a resupply mission.
    One good piece of news was getting a call for a job interview with NanoTech up in Albany. Assuming I get the job, my plan is to get the cheapest studio I can get up there to stay during the rotational work week. I sure don't want to commute daily, if I can avoid it. I already have a bunch of ex-work mates up there, so I hope I'll be able to get some leads.
    What effect that might have on the blog, I can't tell at this point. I've had the luxury of spare time; that might be in short supply once I start working again. My tentative plan is to take at least my netbook and try doing updates with that, depending on whether I can get an internet connection. It'll be a pain, but it's that or nothing. I'm not hauling anything up North. Nada.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Joker961 said...

Thank you much for the good thoughts! Appreciate it!

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