23 April 2010

Morning Vent, 23 April 2010

 Halo 4: Cortana Made Flesh

    I joined in with some of the 2Old2Play crew last night for a retro gaming night of CoD4, and I had the best time I've had playing CoD in years. It's a great crew, and it was a pleasure to play with a full crew of adults. Best of all was the entire team loading up with Juggernaut and Martyrdom for a couple of matches of Ground War. I didn't do very well, but the enemy teams got pummeled badly. The other team's bitching about the Juggy/Martyrdom perks was music to my ears.
     Embedded below is a real blast from the past, from the Halo 2 days when our dubious exploits were recorded on a Panasonic DVR for later enjoyment. As you can see, it's a short clip, and it was recorded from a 720p component connection to the Hauppage PVR as a test. So, until we have more modern gameplay (no pun intended) to show off, enjoy this accidental fail from our Halo past...

Matt64 gets kicked from Halo 2

Uploaded 22 April 2010 by HvyWpnsGuy

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