24 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 24 April 2010

    Still a lot of speculation about CoD7 - whether it's Vietnam-era, Cold War era, or both. Mid-May will bring us OXM's CoD7 reveal issue, with some more info on what the actual game will feature. Spanish gaming mag Proximo has teased us with the image above from GameDot, which is decidedly Vietnamish. The inclusion of the traditional USMC motto of  "Semper Fidelis" hints that Uncle Sam's Misguided Children will feature prominently. BASHandSlash has another article about the mysterious GKNOVA6 website, which has been speculated to be related to CoD7 aka CoD: Vietnam and/or CoD: Black Ops. In the article they link a YouTube vid of YoMommaGotBent investigating the whois info of GKNOVA6 and relating it to Activision. Here's the vid linked in the article:

CoD 7 and gknova6.com, proof that they're related

Uploaded 19 April 2010 by YoMommaGotBent

    Today's featured vid is a short fail clip of ItsTibblettTime getting a Javelin haircut on Favela. The second short clip is a lucky grenade and spray on Scrapyard by CodeBlack387. Third up is an Afghan TDM by BlaZeR discussing Danger Close and the importance of exploiting an opportunity on MW2. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video
Modern Warfare 2 Epic Fail: Javelin Bitchslap

Uploaded 23 April 2010 by ItsTibblettTime

Modern Warfare 2- Quick "LOL" clip for a Promotion

Uploaded 23 April by CodeBlack387

MW2 BlaZeR's Afghan TDM: Just One Opportunity

Uploaded 19 April 2010 by 664TV

    More Gaming Links:

Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing Promo

    Non-Gaming Links:
 Mace Windu Vs Palpatine - How It Should Have Been


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