28 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 28 April 2010

    More action on the Infinity Ward/Activision mess. The defections from IW are approaching 30 employees; from a firm which employed only 100 workers, that's a big bite. An even bigger bite is the $500 million dollar lawsuit against Activision filed by 38 former and present IW employees. 
    Today's featured vid is a series of CoD clutches, a single Search and Destroy player finishing off the enemy team. Next up is some Scrapyard UMP gameplay that illustrates some of what can go wrong, even round to round, in MW2. Finally, we have a nifty World at War knifing montage from ThatGuyWhoCamps.
    On the Halo front, take note of the new live action promo for Halo: Reach linked below. Like every Bungie promo, the vid is incredibly cinematic. If Bungie made movies, I'd be itching to see them. OTOH, Bungie's games never live up to what's promised in the vids. I remember all too well the Halo 3 promos with their promise of some cataclysmic Armageddon-like battle with the Master Chief saving the day. As those who've finished the game can attest, we got a recycled game finale plus a really, really annoying Warthog race at the end. On to the links:

Featured CoD YouTube Video

Uploaded 23 April 2010 on ClutchCentral

Damn Noobtubers! Episode 2

Uploaded 22 April by ultimatemikku

W@W Random Knife Only Search Clips

Uploaded 25 April 2010 by ThatGuyWhoCamps

    More Gaming Links:

HD Halo 3 Slayer, BlaZeR Wants Your Input

Uploaded 26 April 2010 on 664TV

  • BASHandSlash audio: Bash 147: PC Gaming Connectivity. Points of discussion FTA:

    • Is there anything you can do to get better ping?
    • What’s the best type of home connection for gaming?
    • What does a router do and what kind of problems do gamers find with routers in online games?
    • How can the kinds of problems gamers find with routers be addressed, or worked around?
    • What is network address translation (NAT)? What is Open / Moderate / Strict NAT?
    • What the heck in Port Forwarding and why should we care?
    • Are there any ‘tweaks’ or ‘fixes’, like registry hacks to alter network behavior?
    • What tools are there to help gamers understand and diagnose their connectivity problems?
  • IGN: Halo: Reach assasinations montage.
  • GameSpy: Three new Halo: Reach weapons trailers.
  • Kotaku: Fourteen Halo 2 Fans Refuse to Let It Die. Fourteen people are still playing Halo 2, 2 weeks after Xbox Live support was cut off. The active consoles still have connectivity and the determined fans are playing until forced off Xbox Live by console death, Xbox Live, or their Moms.
  • GameSpot: Video interview with Chris Carney, Halo: Reach lead developer, on the upcoming beta.
  • Bungie thru MajorNelson: Birth of a Spartan video. If you've ever wondered how a Spartan is made, Bungie has  a live action video of the process... Aren't the Bungie vids the most cinematic? If they were movie trailers, I'd be dying to see the movie. Look:
Birth of a Spartan

 Uploaded 27 April 2010 by brianc6886

Uploaded 27 April on IGNEntertainment

Does Jessica shake her booty?
 Yes, she certainly does!
Yeah, I feel that way sometimes...
    Non-Gaming Links:
Top 10 Seinfeld Moments

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