28 April 2010

Morning Vent, 28 April 2010

I'm not normally a fan of tattoos, but... Yum.

    I got up in the wee hours today (around 2ish), and I felt pretty damn good. (There's a woot-off in progress, so there'll be rotating sales of merch till 1AM EDT tonight or thereabouts.) The interview was short but sweet. I'm hoping and praying that it nets me a job. A side story to the interview was a very close call for me yesterday. I stopped home after gassing up the Jeep for the journey. When I went to start the Jeep a few minutes later, I put my foot on the brake as always before turning the key. My foot sank all the way down to the floorboard. I had no brakes. It was just like in the movies when the bad guy cuts the brake line. I switched vehicles, but I was appalled at what might have happened if the brakes had failed sometime during my 65 mile per hour trip instead of in my driveway. My Guardian Angel was truly watching out for me, and I prayed my thanks all the way to the job interview. Once I get settled in the new job, the first priority will be getting a reliable vehicle, preferably a light, efficient 4x4 that's good for the bi-weekly commute and bad weather.
    As noted in the special Birthday Blog Update for Roseanne below, there's some celebrating to do tonight. I'm really looking forward to that!! Thursday will be CoD4 night, as I'm hoping to hook up with the 2Old2Play crew for some retro MW action. We'll follow that up with some weekend MW2 action with Matt64 and Reibo.

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