29 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 29 April 2010

GameTrailers TV on Spike to announce CoD7

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    While the departures from Infinity Ward continue unabated, Treyarch seems poised to announce the next Call of Duty game Friday into Saturday night on Spike's GameTrailers TV show. The announcement is supposed to occur between 12:30-12:40 AM, US EDT. I'll be watching, if I can stay awake after my Friday night MW2 ass-kicking. Huge breaking news from Bungie, also, as they announce an exclusive multi-platform deal with Activision for the next 10 years! Call of Duty: Master Chief, anyone?
    Featured vid today is a great dual commentary by Bunny and Hawk on one of Hawk's TDM matches on Salvage. Note well his cunning use of sound cues from enemy movements and fields of fire to control high traffic areas. A lot of great tips in this vid. Second vid is SAM5000i's tips, tricks, and positions for Karachi. On to the CoD links:

Featured Modern Warfare 2 Video
Salvage TDM 38-9 Dual Commentary with Bunny and Hawk

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SAM5000i's Map Attack: Episode 4 - Karachi

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Halo: Reach - Extended "The Birth of A Spartan" TV Commercial (HD 720p)

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 Daily Fix for 28 April 2010
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