29 April 2010

Morning Vent, 29 April 2010

Katee Sackhoff is teh hot.
   We had a grand old time last night at Moroney's as you can see from the pictures. I should have taken more pics, but I confess the alcohol had affected me. A lot. It made for a late update this AM and a bit of a headache. Still and all, we had a great time reminiscing and listening to Reibo's tunes on the jukebox.
    Today, if we can recuperate from our wee bout from last night, is shopping day. We'll try and pick up some supplies. Not much is really needed at the HQ, but then I don't think we're capable of much today, either. If I can make it, tonight will be CoD4 night with the other old farts from 2Old2Play.com. It should probably trouble me that I'm older than almost all of the old farts. This time, I'll record the matches to catch any Sudden Burst of Skill™ that occurs.

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