04 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 4 April 2010

This is why we frackin' vote down Derail!

    I was going to post another lucktage on here today, but I got turned off it when I saw that one of the featured clips was someone sniping from a Derail elevator glitch. Skipped it.
    Today's featured MW2 vid is an FAL rampage on Quarry. Nice gameplay and really good aim. Heading up the general gaming links is a YouTube vid of some really egregious BC2 spawn camping. I guess the MW2 really has moved on to BC2. On to the links:

    MW 2 Stimulus Package reviews: GamingUnion; MMOMFG.

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Domination, Quarry, with FAL RDS, 55-3-7 by MW2Commentators

Defendthehouse: Myth 16 of 21

    More Gaming Links:

    I guess it was inevitable. Here come the douches to Bad Company 2 multiplayer.

Bad Company 2 Spawn-camping douchebags

Cool: Bad Company 2 repair tool headshots

    Non-Gaming Links:

    A Easter basket full of iPad links, as if the gaming-related ones above weren't enough. It remains to be seen whether the iPad will be as dominant as the iPhone has been. The day one sellout of the device seems to indicate it's a hit. (It's a hit for one insane guy, as well, who decide to tune up his iPad with a baseball bat, as linked below.)
Milla wields the Akimbo Rangers in 3D
in Resident Evil: Afterlife


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