04 April 2010

Morning Vent, 4 April 2010 (Easter Sunday)

She's a bunny... Get it? With a gun. Get it?

Happy Easter to all!!

     So, today is Easter. Matt64's Missus, the totally awesome Patty, dropped by the HQ last night to drop off a lovely potted plant and some chocs for Easter. Thanks very much! It really warms my pagan heart!
    Tho I didn't game myself yesterday, I spent some time watching Sandy Ravage's MW2 Free-for-all live stream. He did most of his damage with the SPAS-12 pump shotgun with grip, Marathon, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim or Ninja Pro. His aim with the SPAS is uncanny. There was a lot of tea-bagging involved. I'm assuming the recipients richly deserved it. The gameplay was all PSNet, not Xbox Live, and there's something amiss with PSNet's matchmaking. Usually, SandyRavage is dominant in MW2. But on the PS3, he opens the family-size can of whoop-ass. Almost every game, he had a 2:1 kill/death ratio.
    I can't get the hang of the shotguns in Call of Duty, much less rack up a 2:1 KDR. I used them a bit in FFA on CoD4's Shipment map on the PC, but I never really did well with them. They require skill - something in short supply with me. I have to depend on luck, and luck swings both ways.

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