08 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 8 April 2010

    Big news from yesterday was that the $15 US price point on the MW2 Stimulus Package didn't do much to deter sales. According to the sales figures which have begun to trickle out, the MW2 map pack had first day sales which matched the sales of the one and only CoD4 map pack for its first nine days. (CoD4 players will recall that more DLC was promised but ultimately became vaporware as Infinity Ward concentrated on producing glitches Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.) Today's featured MW2 vid is a nicely played TDM match on Crash by Dubblejord. Also, RoosterTeeth has a nice tutorial on beating the Spec Ops mission Evasion on Veteran with two players. Take a look at a 30 second tactical nuke! And it's done without cheating! The last MW2-related vid is an amazing amateur MW2 tribute called Frozen Crossing. Very, very cool, indeed. After the MW2 jump, there's another cool clip from Ronin6337, where he forcefully sends some evil Spetsnaz clones back down the stairs. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

TDM on Crash by Dubblejord

Defendthehouse: Myth 19 of 21

MW2 Spec Ops Evasion, Veteran, 2 player
how-to tutorial by RoosterTeeth

The 30 second tactical nuke...

Luck was a factor, but still cool.
[Update 15 April: Actually, not cool. Looks like this vid was a set-up. A lot of YouTubers have posted analysis vids on this calling out the BSness of the 30 second nuke linked on 8 April 2010: Blade and Others Chop Shaggy; Muzza's Rant; Analyzation/Proof Video.]

Frozen Crossing (Live Action MW2 vid)

    More Gaming Links:

Featured BC2 video
Bad Company 2: Get back down the stairs!

 by Ronin6337
with the luscious Jessica Chobot

Is Jessica Chobot well read?

 Yes, she certainly is!

    Non-Gaming Links:
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Milla has a strong right hand...


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