08 April 2010

Morning Vent, 8 April 2010

    Speaking of Joe Walsh, here's a scorching guitar solo from YouTube. Awesome. Today is resupply day at the HQ, so we're gonna try to get some more coffee. (Thanks to Matt64 for the tip-off about the coupons this week at Ocean State Job Lot!) I did a little more Spec Ops yesterday, trying to get through the Hidden level on Hardened. I got a false sense of confidence by watching a Veteran level play through on YouTube. I had gotten through it easily enough on Regular, so I thought I'd be able to do it at least on Hardened. Such was not the case. After getting cranked a couple of times by the first set of snipers, I got through them, only to get gibbed by a magic grenade once I got to the church. One thing that torqued me out a bit was one of the snipers shooting me from a position essentially outside the map. After getting past the guards and the first two snipers, I was near the tanks, beside a hedgerow that formed an impassable barrier for me on my left, and the sniper was around the corner in a cul de sac formed by the ring of tanks. He could shoot me through the hedgerow, even though he was invisible to me behind the foliage and the player can't go through the greenery. Cheating douchebag AI.
    I've been doing less online gaming, which is probably bad, since it will increase my suckage when I go back. But I can't stand gaming online without a full crew. I had connected with the 2Old2Play friend's list, but almost no one plays hardcore. On the regular playlists, I'm pretty much every Timmy's bitch. Bad Company 2, it turns out, just didn't turn my crank. I haven't picked it up in weeks... Is it Game Over! for me? Or am I just bored?
    I watched South Park last night with some interest, as the episode was a parody about Facebook. (Incidentally, click the South Park link, if you're a fan. On the South Park Studios site, you can stream episodes free with only 2 or 3 very brief commercials. I've streamed them from my PC on the HDTV, and they look pretty spiffy.) I get Facebook invitations all the time, and I let them expire untouched. Nothing against Facebook, but it just isn't for me. I really have all I can do keeping up the blog in my spare time and using Twitter to try to plug it and connect with other like-minded gamers. Plus, I figure there's enough privacy exposure just with one social networking connection. Today, a lot of personal info is out there, available to anyone. Why add more?

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