10 April 2010

Morning Vent, 10 April 2010

Love a girl in camo... Assuming
that is a girl!

[Update at 10:53 hrs: Well, I guess I'll have to change the blog template if I want to continue embedding YouTube vids. The current blogger template, if you're using more recent versions of Firefox, only shows half the frackin' YouTube embedded video window. Like this:

Pretty annoying, huh?

    Of course, on a more traveled website, I would have heard feedback about it before. I only saw it now because I upgraded to Firefox Lorentz on my bloggin' PC. And, let me tell you, trying to find a another Blogger template that isn't lame will be a chore!]

    Never got to do any gaming yesterday, tho I'll certainly make up for it today. I got distracted by some new MST3K flicks available for Netflix streaming. I watched them rip on The Crawling Eye, which had certainly scared me as a kid, mostly because of the sound effects. Matt64 is scheduled to come down today for some gaming, as soon as he can take the work shackles off. I'm looking forward to tackling some of the Spec Ops levels I'm stuck on with him. They're incredibly easier with someone you can rely on for back-up! I'm still stuck on Hidden, so I'm hoping to get at least that one finished. Maybe with two of us, we can outmaneuver those cheating snipers.
    I was discussing with Reibo the idea of setting up an old-school UT 1999 server on our LAN. I thought it would be great fun to relive some of the awesome fun we had back in the day, zapping the UT bots. I've been itching to get some payback at that glitching Loque for a while. I'm surprised that the original UT hasn't been ported to Xbox Live as an arcade game. The fast-pased FPS gameplay would be superior to most of the run 'n' gun FPSes out there. (And, yes, I'm including the Halo franchise, as well.)
    Speaking of Halo, Reibo and I, as purchasers of the less than stellar Halo 3: ODST, both have tickets into the Halo: Reach beta. I haven't planned anything out, but I'd like to test-drive that beta to see if it's the game that will entice me back to the Ringworld ripoff Halo series.

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