09 April 2010

Morning Vent, 9 April 2010

 Imagine this in 3D... Woof!

    Yesterday's resupply run went pretty well. Thanks to Matt64, we fully exploited the Ocean State Job Lot email coupons. We managed to scoop up the sole Hawaiian Coconut and filled out the rest of our 4 bag allotment with Hazelnut Creme. Matter of fact, let me put on a pot while I'm writing this up. BRB.
   Well, I was going to try my hand at some more Battlefield: Bad Company 2 single player yesterday, but I got sidetracked because of the controller setup. I forgot they'd remapped some controls, and I had the XIM360 set up upstairs, but not on the HQ's PC. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I emailed the link to myself before we took off for the supplies. Today, I'll give it a test drive, make any fine tuning adjustments needed, and plow on.
    Coffee's ready. BRB. <sip> Hawaiian Coconut. With all the accolades garnered by Avatar, it's not surprising that other 3D films are coming out. In fact, as this MaximumPC article reports, 3D films are 1/3 of box office revenue. My brother Rick tipped me off that there's a theater with a couple of 3D screens not that far off from the HQ, so when Resident Evil: Afterlife is released, we won't have to do a pilgrimage to see Milla in all her 3D glory. The 3D fad may peter out. After all, it's happened before, back in the early 80s. The problem with 3D back then was that exploitation crap, like 1981's Comin' at ya! starring Tony Anthony, killed off the concept almost as soon as it was revived. I think the HQ's HDTV is 3D-capable, as it's a 120 Hz display, but I'd like to see the 3D home theater concept mature a bit more, as much as I'd like to watch 3D pr0n action films.

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