11 April 2010

Morning Vent, 11 April 2010

Leeloo takes aim... 

    Late start this AM at the HQ. I only had three Yuenglings yesterday, so I think it was the mega-dose of coffee earlier in the day. While prepping links and whatnot, I drank nearly a whole pot of coffee. Not that it helped, except for two good games (which garnered complaints about my camping - Hey, if you don't want to eat my claymores don't come thru the same avenue of approach 4 or 5 times!), I was everyone's Modern Warfare 2 bitch all day long. My two worst games were on Highrise, where I essentially spent the game in respawn, and on Skid Row, where the match started off with a team-killing douchebag who killed Matt64 and me and then left the match. I never got my mojo back after that. Matt64 and Reibo both had some good games. Reibo had an especially good one on Terminal where I pretty much just hung in the center getting shot while he and Matt64 vaporized anyone coming up on the right from the gate or on the left from the excalator. Matt64 also had a scorching good game on Salvage. He forted up and waited for the enemy to funnel through a doorway - which they did over and over and over. He finished 18/2 on that one. Tho I didn't make a habit of it, I had two bad accidental teamkills. On Afghan, a friendly (at least he started out friendly) apparently wanted to mock my camping ways. While I was waiting around a corner for the enemies, he snuck in on my left and pressed himself against me. All I saw was a dark shape on my left and I whipped around and put a burst into him. I said over the mic "That was ill-advised." And he took exception, saying that I should have known that an enemy wouldn't be giving me a bodyrub... Whatever. Serves him right for being a smart-ass. In any case, he came around and killed me a couple of times to confirm his general douchebaggery.
    On Overgrown, we were holding the library house, and, while I was watching the gas station from the broken wall, Reibo went down the stairs on the right. I didn't see him. An explosion sounded downstairs, where there was a claymore, and I duck-walked to the head of the stairs as Reibo came through the doorway. Again, all I saw was a dark mass in front of me, and I cut him in two with the SCAR-H. Not my fault. Really.
    I did eke out a promotion, and I unlocked the Silencer for the MP5K and the Glock18, which made me really happy. Sure wasn't much else to perk up spirits, gaming-wise.

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