12 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 12 April 2010

    Today's featured vid is Ronin6337 taking out an elevator glitcher on Derail. It takes him a couple of tries, but he gets the cheating douchebag. Bravo, dude! Second vid is xGoldenx7 massacring the enemy with the Chopper Gunner on a Ground War match on Crash. He says the killstreaks are overpowered, especially the Chopper Gunner. I think it's the enemy team's fault for letting him run up an 11-kill streak, no one having an anti-air class, and no one having cold-blooded. On a hardcore match, it's difficult for the Chopper Gunner to be overpowered because more players have an anti-air class and almost everyone uses Cold-blooded. Also, it's harder for the Chopper Gunner to dominate because you can't spray the map indiscriminately without blasting friendlies. What do you guys think? On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Ronin6337 snipes Derail Glitcher

XGoldenx7 Chopper Gunner 35-0, Guilt Pangs

Viewable on CallofDutyComedy

Uzi pwnage on Rundown by Cranz

Uploaded on MWCommentators

    More Gaming Links:

Top 5 Plays (All Shooters)

Uploaded on GameplayUnited
Zero Punctuation reviews God of War 3
(NSFW language)

    Non-Gaming Links:

    Just to clarify, I don't have an axe to grind with Apple. If the links are sometimes critical of Apple, it's the links, not me. I try to go for stuff that's informative or funny (both, preferably), not specifically someone ripping on Apple.



iamsquatch said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the overpowered killstreak issue! I wish MW2 players would think of ways to avoid problems such as these in game rather than whining incessantly about it being a broken game.

Joker961 said...

Thanks for reading and commenting! No game is perfect, and there's no way to please every player. The same level of bitching happened in CoD4 and W@W, too.

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