12 April 2010

Morning Vent, 12 April 2010

Rhona Mitra gets ready to pump... 

     I browsed thru a buttload of different templates on Blogger before I found one which looked halfway decent. At least, the embedded YouTube vids display properly. As it turns out, Maisy75 had tweeted me about the problem a couple of days ago, but I missed it somehow. Thanks for the heads up! jfulla247 also tweeted that the template seemed improved for his phone viewing. Thanks for the feedback, mate!
    Still no Sandy Ravage Booster Justice 3 on YouTube. I emailed Sandy Ravage asking whether there was some delay, but he was as nonplussed as I was. It's a shame because I watched most of the live stream that generated Booster Justice 3, and it rocked! There was some epic pwnage of the boosting douches that night.
    After doing my taxes yesterday, it was apparent that there'll be enough there to replace the ancient PC Reibo's been wrestling with. I'm considering the idea of getting a PVR, also, since it would add only $200 to the set-up. Tho my games are not worth recording - ever - Reibo has some fragtastic FFA games on Modern Warfare 2. It's one thing to describe doing something cool; it's something else again to embed a YouTube vid of it for all to oooh! and ahhhhh! at.

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