13 April 2010

Morning Vent, 13 April 2010

Little girl with a big gun, Part 1
   In addition to the CoD Wishlist page, I've now added a Sandy Ravage page where I've linked the 2Old2Play site interview and the two current Booster Justice YouTube vids.
    YouTube was down for maintenance last night, so I casually looked at the first few blog entries I made in September-October of '09. Wow. The format of the site has really evolved. I guess the focus shifted a bit, moving from general stuff to Modern Warfare 2 plus gaming, and finally to all things Call of Duty plus gaming, especially FPSes.
    When I assemble the links, I try to follow a certain logic: Game news first, then technical or financial gaming news, then anything humorous to close the section. The first section covers the current Call of Duty game I'm playing, plus any other CoD topics; the second section covers all other shooters plus; the third and final section covers non-gaming topics that interest me. And, The Vent is really more bloggy, since I spin it as whatever I'm interested at the moment. (And, right now, it seems to be me I'm interested in.)
    Tomorrow is another local job fair, so I'll try to leave the Vent and Links done for a wee hours post tomorrow.

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