17 April 2010

Morning Vent, 17 April 2010

No soldiers like this in my basic training!

    I guess Microsoft really did it. As this tweet from Xbox Live's MajorNelson shows, they did the Dave Bowman thing to Xbox Live 1.0 at around 1830 hrs, 15 April 2010. Xbox Live is dead! Long live Xbox Live! What's going to be fascinating is what the demise of the original Xbox Live architecture frees up on the service. Will the 100 friend limitation go away? Will some new functionality be introduced? Incidentally, if you want to know why Arthur C. Clarke used "Daisy, Daisy" as the song, here's a YouTube vid that explains:

    I managed, with Reibo's help, to finish the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 single player. A review is up, but I'm still polishing it up. Once I finalize it, I'll tweet the direct link for everyone to enjoy and tout it here a well.
    Today is gaming day, and I'm really looking forward to it. Matt64 should be coming down some time this afterlunch for some MW2 gaming.

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