17 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 17 April 2010

    Today's featured MW2 vid is SeaNanners doing a personal challenge: Tactical nuke with the M93 Raffica and no kill streaks. Depending on what you think of his commentary style, you might want to watch the vid with the sound switched off. Next up is a Booster Hunt by captcool420 as he dishes out some richly deserved justice Sandy Ravage-style. Third up, in another vid which might be best viewed with the sound off, ThatGuyWhoCamps goes all nostalgic on a CoD4 S&D game. Finally, fresh from last night's livestream, Sandy Ravage teams up on PSNet with three members of the stream and dishes out an epic spanking in a Rundown Domination match. On to the links:
Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Nuke with Raffica, no killstreaks enabled,
Viewable on MachinimaRespawn

Booster Cannon by captcool420

CoD4 S&D by ThatGuyWhoCamps

Sandy Ravage PS3, SPAS-12, Domination

    More Gaming Links:

    Inside Halo: Reach on GameTrailers: Chapters 1-4 (link goes to Chapter 1).

    Non-Gaming Links:

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