16 April 2010

Morning Vent, 16 April 2010

Nothing complements the "gypsy look" like a good semi-automatic.

    The job fair on the 14th was really crowded; according to the local news, 2000 of us showed up. We were apparently looking for the same job, since it was an hour wait in line for one of the local employers. A former colleague of mine saw that I (or at least the top of my head) made the news:

I shoulda made it a scope-sight...

    In the post-coital haze of my tax refund, I went ahead and ordered a Hauppage PVR. With it, we should be able to record online gameplay. Probably only Reibo's FFA games are actually worth recording, but we'll see. Also bought the new primary PC for Reibo so he doesn't have to curse so much when doing artwork and such for me. He should be setting that up today. I don't envy him the headache of transferring software from one PC to another. Plus, it's a Windows 7 PC, so not all apps might be supported...
    After 21 years of working nights, I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Here's a nice website, RainyMood, which has a 30 minute loop of rainstorm sounds. White noise-type sounds like rain and surf are very effective for lulling yourself to sleep. Thanks to repi for tweeting the link!
    The Infinity Ward situation has gotten worse; every time I google the MW2 news, another couple of developers have taken to the life rafts. Does it mean that the Call of Duty brand is finished? No, but it's changing and it's not for the better, as noted in several links below.
    I've decided to try Bad Company 2's single player one more time. During my seething, blazing annoyance at getting shot out of the sky 20 times, I didn't notice whether my chopper health was low when I started out the dogfight. If it was inordinately low, I might have to backtrack to a previous save point and either repair the chopper or prevent it from being damaged. If my chopper health is OK, I'm back to square one.

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