16 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 16 April 2010

    Today's featured MW2 vid is an unbelievable Chopper Gunner killfeed (that's the string of who killed who with what messages on the lower left side of the HUD). On a Favela Ground War match, his buddy racks up the score and the Chopper icon seems permanently pasted to the killfeed. It's like a buffet of chopper gunner kills. The second vid is a factoid vid about the Pavelow killstreak with a bonus game with a Tactical Nuke finish with a sprinkling of Booster Hunting. Finally, tho Booster Justice 3 hasn't posted, we have a Sandy Ravage SPAS-12 rampage on a Domination match on Wasteland. On to the links:

Who has left Infinity Ward so far

Link thru Blues News

Cue the Activision DMCA take-down threats in
Three... Two.... One...

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Chopper Gunner FTW!

TetraNinja Pavelow info plus Nuke & Boosters

Sandy Ravage, Domination, Wasteland, SPAS-12

    It looks like a lot of people are calling out the BSness of the 30 second nuke linked on 8 April 2010: Blade and Others Chop Shaggy; Muzza's Rant; Analyzation/Proof Video; and VolumeSe7en's analysis, embedded below:

    More Gaming Links:

So long, Xbox Live 1.0! We'll miss ya!

    Non-Gaming Links:

YouTube video of fireball over Wisconsin


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