27 April 2010

Morning Vent, 27 April 2010

Jennifer Lopez responds to critics...

    Just a short Vent today, as I have to get ready for my trek North for the interview. As I mentioned yesterday, this week has quite a few items on the agenda, culminating in a gaming night on Friday with Matt64 and Reibo. It looks like editing the MP4 files from the PVR directly won't be doable on my current PC. It just doesn't have enough horsepower to edit the large files. I haven't given up on finding a decent editor, but it will likely mean taking hours and hours to convert the MP4 files to WMVs and then editing those. I'm tempted to buy another PC, as Reibo's new PC plays and edits the MP4s without a hitch. We'll see what can be done.
    Brian Donlevy... One of my favorite tough guy actors. And you know why? Yes, he was terrific in The Great McGinty, and he was a striking Quatermass in The Quatermass Xperiment and Quatermass 2, if you could suspend disbelief to swallow an American Quatermass, but, for me, is best role was in Beau Geste. In Beau Geste, starring Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, and Robert Preston, Donlevy played the implacable Sergeant Markoff. As you probably know, Beau Geste is a French Foreign Legion story, and the Foreign Legion is traditionally where men with the law on their trail can hide out. There's a whole involved plot how Beau stole a family jewel to save it from being sold off, a love triangle, and so on, but Markoff made the film for me. See, before he sent his resume to the French Foreign Legion he worked in the Czarist gulags. And he was fired. For excessive cruelty. Want my definition of a badass? It's a guy who gets the boot from his job as a gulag guard for being too cruel!

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