27 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 27 April 2010

    Bit of a short update today, as I have to get ready for my interview. I'll try to make up for it later in the week. Today's featured vid is a dual commentary of a MW2 PC TDM on Quarry played by Pembers with the FAL with holo and Dual .44 Magnums. He and B3ndroiii provide the mostly off-topic commentary. You can view more of Pembers' MW2 PC gaming on his channel, PCWarfare. Next up is some CoD4 knifing on Wetwork by ONLYUSEmeBLADE. It's pretty amazing how effective CoD4's melee mechanic was. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video
MW2 PC TDM, Quarry, Dual Commentary (Pembers)

Uploaded 23 April 2010 by B3ndro

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: ONLYUSEmeBLADE's Respect the knife

Uploaded 24 April 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

    More Gaming Links:

    Non-Gaming Links:

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