26 April 2010

Morning Vent, 26 April 2010

Another Sarah Conner... and former Mrs. Cameron

    Running late today, as I was unexpectedly up late last night. I got sucked into playing a couple of games of Modern Warfare 2 after Reibo fed me 3 or 4 Yuenglings. I didn't exactly burn up the maps, but I did a damn sight better than I did on Saturday evening's sucktravaganza. I keep telling Reibo that his gameplay, not mine, should be recorded. Still and all, when I hook up with the 2Old2Play crew on Thurs for some CoD4, I'll record that for purposes of self-embarrassment.
    In any event, it may all be moot. Tomorrow, I go for my interview in Albany. My former workmate, Hopper, gave me a tip on a cheap studio apartment up there, so, with God's help, I'll avoid a 200 mile round trip commute. Hopper tells me the studio includes wi-fi internet, so that means the blog may live on through my cheesy netbook or a cheap laptop. We'll see how it goes...
    In the meantime, this week's agenda will also include a trip to the DOL to see my unemployment rep. That actually conflicts with my trip North, so I'm trying to rechedule that. We also have a bash planned for Wednesday to celebrate Roseanne's birthday... Here's a pic of Berta, Rose, and me in our sloshed glory at the infamous October 7th, 2009 tailgate party:

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