26 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 26 April 2010

 The Respawn Entertainment front page - no shit.
    More employees have bailed on Infinity Ward bringing the total exodus to 18, as linked below. Meanwhile PCGamerUK has updated the credit scroll from Modern Warfare 2 with strikeouts to identify the ones who've gone on to pursue other career opportunities. You know what would be uber-cool? To see former Infinity Ward president Grant Collier, who has been seen only on milk cartons since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out, land over at Respawn Entertainment along with almost 20% of his former co-workers. As you can see from the above snapshot of the Respawn Homepage, they've made their intentions clear: They're hiring. On to the links:

Who's left at Infinity Ward now?

  • BASHandSlash: CoD's biggest hurdle? FTA: "But sadly, IW has not appeared to have taken any action to persuade the community that they actually are listening. Consider that,

    • IW has been unwilling to address the drawbacks of IW.net, such as its unacceptable lagginess.
    • IW has been unwilling to discuss, even limited dedicated server capability.
    • IW has been unwilling to address online issues like the shear chaotic randomness of the game. All suggestions, whether they were to nerf the international-house-of-douchedom kits, or to limit the rain of death caused by the non-player-controlled choppers, to name only a few have fallen on deaf ears."
  • Gaming Union: Why the future is bright at Infinity Ward. Or maybe not... See below.
  • Play.Tm: Steinberg fears for Infinity Wards' creative freedom.
  • MCV UK: Infinity Ward now has lost 18 employees

Featured MW2 YouTube Video
MW2 Domination #27 | Epic Win & I'm a Doucher...  

Uploaded 23 April 2010 by thegoldglove07

UMP FFA Rush Tactics

Uploaded 19 April 2010 by TetraNinja

 Note: Video has 35 mins of gameplay/commentary

01. Splinter Cell: Conviction (Ubisoft)
02. Just Dance (Ubisoft)
03. GTA: Episodes From Liberty City (Take-Two)
04. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo)
05. Monster Hunter Tri (Capcom)
06. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (EA)
07. Wii Sport Resort (Nintendo)
08. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision)
09. Just Cause 2 (Square Enix)
10. Pokemon Soulsilver (Nintendo)

    Non-Gaming Links:

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