25 April 2010

Morning Vent, 25 April 2010

Lena Headey as Sarah Connor

    Just in case anyone runs across this YouTube account, it isn't me. Turns out there's another Joker961, this one based in Thailand. (Yes, I've been to Thailand, true, but that was back in 1986.) My official YouTube channel is hvywpnsguy, not that there's anything worth looking at there - yet.
    I played 3 or 4 CoD4 FFA matches in preparation for Saturday's gaming. I was surprised to do well, tho not actually winning, ranking 3rd or 4th in each match. My KDR was also overwhelmingly positive, 14-2 and so on. I used the "piss 'em off" class I used for last Thursday's 2Old2play CoD4 retro night: M249 with RDS, 3x Frags, Juggernaut, and Martyrdom. I didn't get a single Martyrdom kill, so I could have switched it up with some other more useful perk. In any event, what I did was prowl the edges of the maps, pick off a straggler and then haul ass to a new semi-covered position to get him on the revenge attempt or pick off another player. It worked really well, tho, again, I lost every match. Since I'm using the CoD4 FFA for lulz and practice/tune-up for my gaming night, win/loss doesn't matter much. Let the Timmies have their little moment in the sun.
    My near-competence in the morning/early PM was a marked contrast to the Singularity of Suck™ that I created in the evening. Despite copious amounts of caffeine, I did just awful, staying in single digits in most games. After we loaded up the team, we somehow managed to do even worse. Some of that was attributed to the effect of a couple of teamkillers and sandbaggers, tho.
    One outstanding douchebag was a 12 year old-sounding Timmy who went 0-20, 1-18 in two  matches because he was friends with three or four of the guys on the enemy team. Once we got into the third match on Terminal, he actually started repeatedly teamkilling Matt64, GB Johnny, and Reibo. At the end of the match, he claimed his little sister was playing instead of him... I weep for the future.

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