25 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 25 April 2010

    It's an awesomely slow CoD news day. There wasn't one link that wasn't a retread of already posted news. We'll just content ourself with a bit more YouTube goodness.
    The featured Modern Warfare 2 vid today is more awesome knife throwing gameplay and commentary  by TheDrunkenCanadian, aka IAmTheLiquor on the 2Old2Play CoD forum. Second vid up is some CoD4 M16 pwnage by PJ, who does well enough that the host drops the connection after a few minutes. It's pretty spiffy watching him drill the scoped-in snipers from a couple of feet away, tho. Returning to the throwing knife theme, we have a short killstreak clip by xFLxProductionsx  that climaxes with a great Hail Mary! knife toss on Estate. On to the link:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video
Skidrow FFA 30-8 Throwing Knife Gameplay with Commentary

Uploaded 23 April 2010 by TheDrunkenCanadian

CoD4: Wake up call from Mother Nature!
(NSFW language in commentary)

Uploaded 24 April 2010 by psncoolpjhq

Modern Warfare 2 -- Awesome throwing knife kill!

Uploaded 25 April by xFLxProductionsx

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