18 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 18 May 2010

Featured CoD Video
CoD4 FFA on Overgrown
Uploaded 17 May 2010 by StrikeLion

    Today's first CoD vid is a CoD4 Free-for-all on Overgrown where StrikeLion takes his opponents to school with the silenced AK-47 and some astute territorial domination tactics. After the CoD link jump is a great UMP montage with some akimbo action, some improbably hilarious UMP quickscopes, booty-knifings, and more. On to the CoD links:
The Most Powerful UMP - Part 1

 Uploaded 17 May 2010 by SixWinter
    More Gaming Links:
Gears of War designer CliffyB gives you a hand!

Uploaded 17 May 2010 on IGNEntertainment

Can Jessica hold her liquor?
Yes, she certainly can!
    Non-Gaming Links:

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