17 May 2010

Morning Vent, 17 May 2010

The world needs more assassins in miniskirts!

    Woke up feeling like hell this AM. All achey and stiff. Had a bad night's sleep with a lot of wakeful moments. Maybe it's just stress, but it sure feels lousy. 
    Listening to the CoD Black Ops wishlist videos linked below, I couldn't help feeling that the participants in the roundtable sounded a bit douchey. I've seen videos of how well these guys play, and all the supposed flaws in Modern Warfare 2 don't seem to cramp their style all that much. Maybe it's because I'm an avowed camper and that they all seem to be very down on campers of all stripes that torques me out. It seems that all of these guys want the game to favor only their own play style and skill level and screw everyone else. It seems particularly insane to complain about death streaks - you get them after dying four times, fer cripe's sake! There's entirely too much "get skilz or dont play" in the upper levels of the CoD gaming community. While I admire their ability to game at that level, when they moan and bitch like that it makes me want to cockpunch them back to reality - down here where millions of mediocre players like me have to live.
    FPS games already appeal to a very narrow audience of gamer. While their discussion brings up some very good points, it makes me wonder whether MW2 would have reached this level of success without all of those over-the-top features they're complaining about. Plus, as I've said before, in team-based play modes, if you play with a full crew, their bitch points don't really seem to matter very much. If your team sucks so bad that one inexperienced player with a lucky care package causes you to lose, you deserve to lose. End of line.

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