02 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 2 May 2010

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Uploaded 1 May 2010 by MW2Commentators

    Within seconds of the release of the Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer, webheads everywhere were breaking it down frame by frame. The best ones found so far are linked below. 
    Today's featured MW2 vid is JahovasWitniss taking some kids to school with the silenced Vector and killstreaks. Next up, DubbleJord gives us some TDM action on MW2 Crash. Finally, from the PC side of the MW2 house comes some nice F2000 gameplay on Sub Base with Tiffmiester, who proves that it's the player not the weapon. 
    After the CoD jump, there's a lot of Halo: Reach video goodness. First impressions from SeaNanners, Muzzafuzza, Anoj, and more. Halo: Reach beta gets a bad rap from DubbleJord, tho. [Note: DubbleJord has privated the video, unfortunately. He made some really good comments about Bungie trying to imitate CoD.] Halo and CoD are apples and oranges. One isn't better or worse than the other; they're different games that demand a different play style. But there's no doubt in my mind that Halo peaked with Halo: Combat Evolved. Each iteration of the franchise has watered down the original goodness while adding eye candy. Just sayin'. Finally, we can enjoy IGN's first Top 10 kills for the Halo: Reach beta. On to the CoD links:

Featured MW2 Video
MW2 Domination Vector Nuke HD by JahovasWitniss

Uploaded 25 April 2010 on MW2Commentators

Modern Warfare 2: TDM #51 - Crash

Uploaded 30 April 2010 by DubbleJord

PcWarfare - Tiffmiester F2000 30 - 1 FFA
Uploaded 1 May 2010 on PCWarfare

    More Gaming Links:

Halo Reach Beta: SeaNanners First Impressions

Uploaded 1 May 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

Halo Reach Beta: Muzzafuzza's First Thoughts

Uploaded 30 April 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

Call Of Duty: Future Warfare - Aka Halo Reach

Uploaded 2 May 2010 by DubbleJord

Halo Reach Beta: Anoj's Headhunter FFA Slayer

Uploaded 1 May 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

Halo Reach - Headhunter & Stockpile Gametype

Uploaded 30 April 2010 on RoosterTeeth

Halo: Reach beta Top 10 Kills

Uploaded 30 April 2010 on IGNEntertainment

    Non-Gaming Links:


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