02 May 2010

Morning Vent, 2 May 2010


    I did manage to get to the computer show yesterday. Guilt got the better of me, and I accompanied Reibo to the show. Later in the evening, we hit a Chinese place. We were stunned to have to take a number to be seated. We only had to wait 15 minutes, luckily.
    One of today's links asks, "What is a hardcore gamer?" The article accurately describes the modern misconception of the "hardcore gamer" as someone who plays FPS games like Halo or Call of Duty. Tho it's highly subjective, IMO, the real hardcore gamer is the multi-platform player: Someone playing different genres of games, often across multiple platform types. Am I a hardcore gamer? No, I'm an FPS gamer. I don't play platformers, 3rd person games, etc. I play strictly from the first person point of view and only shooters with a military theme. My bud Matt64 is more hardcore than I am since he plays lots of 3rd person games and sports games in addition to the CoD and Halo series.
    Almost everyone plays games of one type or another. But who is really hardcore? Hands down, it's these guys. But to keep things in perspective: Of the set gamers, FPS gamers are a subset; military-themed FPS gamers are a subset of that subset. That's not hardcore. That's an endangered species.

    Today's gaming mission is to set up my controls on the XIM360 for the Halo: Reach beta. I have the default controller layout printed out, and I'm gonna kludge together an interim controller config. A lot of Halo: Reach beta vids below. I'll probably not switch over to play Halo from my current love, Call of Duty. But, if they had a Team Rockets playlist, I'd definitely play that. A couple of weeks ago, Reibo tracked down the Halo: Reach beta tokens for us. We'll see how it goes.
    I'm also committed to going to a local gun show this AM. It's been a couple of years since I've gone, so that will hopefully be fun.

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