03 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 3 May 2010

Featured CoD Video
World at War Search & Destroy (Dual Commentary w/ OnlyUseMeBlade)

Uploaded 28 April 2010 by ThatGuyWhoCamps

    Today's featured vid above is a World at War S&D game featuring some spiffy bayoneting by ThatGuyWhoCamps. Watching him barbecue players with the molotov and make kabobs out of them with the bayonet made me want to play World at War again. In today's second vid, TetraNinja notes that the arrival of the "Stimulus Package" DLC on PSNet will mean the elmination of the 3rd Person Cage Match playlist, at least temporarily. He fears it will cause a flood of boosters onto the mainstream playlists. Next, we have Junkyard129's gameplay and neat commentary on TDMing with One Man Army and using the radar on regular TDM. Finally, there's a Call of Duty 4 retro clip, a TDM match by kergio17 on Backlot, where his heli makes the host ragequit.
    On the Halo: Reach side of the house, we have an absolutely stunning kill spree vid from an Oddball match played by Amazing Weasel. After that, there's an equally mind-boggling kill spree by FBWalshyFTW on Reach beta King of the Hill match. (Thanks to OMGFragged for the tweeted links. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel, OMGFragged.) On to the CoD links:
Tetra Ninja: 3rd Person Cage Match

Uploaded 30 April 2010 by TetraNinja

MW2: Junkyard129's TDM on Underpass

Uploaded 2 May 2010 on MachinmaRespawn

Call of Duty - 4 TDM Backlot

Uploaded 30 April 2010 by MW2Commentators

    More Gaming Links:

Halo: Reach Beta - Killtrocity and Invincible

Uploaded 2 May 2010 on OMGFragged
AMAZING Halo Reach Gameplay with a Perfection, Invincible, and an Overkill

Uploaded 2 May 2010 by FBWalshyFTW

Everything you need to know about the Reach beta w/ Aisha Tyler

Uploaded 2 May 2010 by LoadingGodmode

    Non-Gaming Links:
I'm all about the 80s, I guess: Rambo, Reagan, and Rock. It's the decade where I did my most memorable (and sometimes unmentionable) deeds. So, since Twitter is awash with tunes on Music Monday, I'll leave you with a clip of pop music that wowed me in the 80s: Roxette's biggest hit: Dangerous.

 Marie Fredriksson of Roxette


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