03 May 2010

Morning Vent, 3 May 2010

 Not seen at the gun show...

    The gun show was a blast, tho I didn't buy anything more than a couple of T-shirts. I as surprised at how much prices had gone up on the collector items, as well as ammo.
    One of the links below describes the adverse reaction some buyers of Halo 3: ODST are having at essentially being late to the party on the Halo: Reach beta. No numbers yet, but it seems to a lot of the disenfranchised (pre-disenfranchised?) that a lot of beta codes were given out to the pre-beta phase and those who bought ODST for the beta access were screwed over. The beta is supposed to go active on the US East cost late this afternoon, so we'll see what happens. I've got the PVR poised to record my every embarrassment for posterity.

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