04 May 2010

Morning Vent, 4 May 2010

Rhona Mitra displays her guns as Lara Croft

    Managed to play the Halo: Reach beta for a few games. Got my ass kicked in every one, but did have a few good moments. Still trying to nail the config settings. Right now, the look movements are way too twitchy and aiming is pretty difficult. I don't want to lower the game's native sensitivity settings. It's better to tweak it using the XIM360 software. Had some satisfying melee strikes during the games, tho. Played a game of Slayer, CTF, and Headhunter. During the third match, the Headhunter one, the frackin power went out here again. Reibo had said before he left that the wind was kicking up a bit. I looked out the window but there was nary a breeze. Frackin' Central Hudson. Douchebags.
    Unfortunately, the beta doesn't have separate playlists. For purposes of beta-testing, I guess, they're putting everything in a "Grab Bag" playlist. I'm dying to play Team Rockets, tho. I'm gonna edit the vid I recorded yesterday and then maybe go back on to get my ass pummeled some more. ;-)

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