05 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 5 May 2010

Featured MW2 Video
Hardcore TDM, Scrapyard, FAMAS w/ RDS

Uploaded 24 April 2010 by I8IHawk

    In today's featured vid, Hawk lays waste on Scrapyard with his precision marksmanship with the FAMAS. There's a stunning massacre with the chopper gunner, too, with almost no one on the enemy team using cold-blooded. ThatGuyWhoCamps brings in two buddies to do their own breakdown of the Black Ops teaser. On to the CoD links:

CoD Black Ops Teaser Breakdown with Telixion and Vosty (Buzzy audio warning)

Uploaded 4 May 2010 by ThatGuyWhoCamps
The MoodieSwede's Snipergasm

Uploaded 2 May 2010 by TheMoodieSwede

P90 Omnicide

Uploaded 30 April 2010 by thegoldglove07

The Booty Man - Funny Turnaround Message

Uploaded 10 April 2010 on TheDeluxe4

    More Gaming Links:
Halo: Reach BetaBusters, Episode 1

Uploaded 4 May 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

IGN Halo: Reach Top 10 Kills

Uploaded 4 May 2010 on IGNEntertainment

Uploaded 4 May 2010 on IGNEntertainment

Does Jessica Chobot love the outdoors?
 Yes, she certainly does.

    Non-Gaming Links:

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