24 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 24 May 2010

Featured MW2 Video
TDM, High Rise w/ Thermal Barrett
Uploaded 20 May 2010 by Pyropuncher

    Abbreviated, early update due to my work schedule this week, but we'll rock on. A lot of news is doubtless on hold since the participants of the Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops sneak peek are keeping quiet until after the 28th. Dunno if that means there's another reveal in store on that date. The German gaming site Shooter Szene has an article (in German) with a picture that hints at a similar event in Europe, so the ban on talking about the Cali CoD Community Day at Treyarch may be related to that.

Picture credit: Shooter Szene

    On to the CoD links:
IGN Stimulus Pack Tips - Salvage

Uploaded 22 May 2010 on IGN Entertainment

IGN Stimulus Pack Tips - Storm

Uploaded 22 May 2010 on IGN Entertainment

    More Gaming Links:

Halo: Reach beta Fails
Uploaded 20 May 2010 on Halo3Fails 

 Red Dead Redemption Gunslinger Achievement
Uploaded 20 May 2010 on RoosterTeeth
    Non-Gaming Links:

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