25 May 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 25 May 2010

Featured MW2 Video
 Team FeaR vs Dominance - CTF Highrise

Uploaded 23 May 2010 on Machinima

    Again, my appy-polly-lodges for the abbreviated blog update. On an unexpectedly long work cycle my first week, so please bear with me.

    On to the CoD links:
If It Were Realistic: Throwing Knives (MW 2 Machinima)
Uploaded 23 May 2010 on Machinima

    More Gaming Links:

Uploaded 24 May 2010 on IGN Entertainment

Does Jessica like Japanese plushies?

Yes, she certainly does!
 He's totally tripping balls on Xbox Live.

    Non-Gaming Links:


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