25 May 2010

Morning Vent, 25 May 2010

 Field of Dreams...

    Well, the first day on the job turned out to be a surprise. Rather than the 8 hr day my offer letter specified, it turned out to be a 12 hr day - something for which I was not prepared. I had anticipated being able to spend a couple of hours after work finished (at 3PM) taking care of business. Instead, I limped back to the hotel after 7PM. The next couple of days will likely be the same.
    It wasn't long after going into the fab that I decided I was going to have to shave off my beard and mustache. Otherwise, I'll have to wear a beard cover (a thin gauze-like cover that you wear over facial hair to prevent you from contaminating the super-clean room environment). It's pretty damn uncomfortable, I can tell you.
    It's a good sign that everyone - and I mean everyone - likes working at CNSE. Most places you start a job off and there's a couple slagging off the company. Not there. Everyone was uniformly pleased with every aspect of the job. I'm hoping to follow suit myself. The current tribulations I'm undergoing will pass away, but the sunny welcome I got on my first day on the job will stand out in my memory forever.

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