27 May 2010

This totally sucks...

Looks like I'll be going home for a few days, maybe missing the whole next week. Doc says I have an infection from the cut on my shin & need to be off my feet till next week. Get this: He said it wasn't the cut that caused it. The cause was a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic ointment. That's why it got worse when it was first treated and why it seemed to get better when I stopped using the ointment. He gave me a different ointment and a scrip for keflex. He drew an outline on my leg when the red swelling was, and told me to keep my leg elevated above the heart. If the red goes past the line, he told me to go to the hospital, as they might have to do IV antibiotics.

I'm going to sleep at the hotel tonight to let the swelling go down. Then, I'll drive home early tomorrow, in case I need the IV thing.

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