14 June 2010

Morning Vent, 14 June 2010 (Flag Day)

The 'unfaked' version of the Sarah Palin pic in celebration of Flag Day 

    Yesterday, I realized I left my Army ballcap at the doctor's office. I hung it up on the hook when I got to the waiting room, and I forgot to put it on my noggin when I left. Guess I was a bit rattled by another series of medical death threats. Yes, the devil-may-care evaporated pretty damn quick. I'm trying to be a good boy.
    I feel pretty good this AM, all things considered. I've been sitting/standing for about 2 hours, and the swelling below the scabbed over wound is barely perceptible. It's a little scary, still. I'm pretty confident the doc will give his blessing for me to return to work this weekend. I put a call in to the apartment rental office in Albany to reschedule a meeting to view a studio, so I'll be standing (or, rather, lying with my leg elevated) by the phone waiting to hear.
    Game-wise, I haven't done jack in weeks, due to being sidelined by the hole in my leg. I was thinking about buying Call of Duty Classic on Xbox Live Arcade. I played the PC version way back when and I really liked it, so I might do that. In order to do it, tho, I'd have to move the 120gb Xbox downstairs so I could play in Reibo's room... Ah, well. First things first.

Today is Flag Day...

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