14 June 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 14 June 2010

Featured Modern Warfare 2 Video
How to win Demolition on 'Fuel'

Uploaded 13 June 2010 by WoodysGamertag

    Call of Duty links:

SPAS Pwnage,Trailer Park by BioHunta
Uploaded 12 June 2010 on MachinimaRespawn

    More Gaming Links:

Top 10 Halo: Reach beta Grenade Sticks
Uploaded 13 June 2010 on Machinima

Bodycount E3 Trailer

Uploaded 14 June 2010 by ModernWarhead

    Uploaded 6 June 2009 by Gordo131

    IGN Rewind Theater - Killzone 3 Trailer Analysis
    Uploaded 12 June 2010 on IGN Entertainment

        Non-Gaming Links:

        Today is Flag Day...


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