19 November 2010

Evening Vent, 19 November 2010 - Not Bloggin' - Maybe...

Have gotten a bit behind on the news linkage, so there may not be a blog for tomorrow or Sunday. I've got some personnel stuff I'm wading thru at work, and it's occupying my non-sleeping time in Albany. If there's no blog in the AM, appy-polly-lodges to all. I hope to be able to catch up Monday.
Monday is also a prospective get-together for coffee with an online friend. No firm schedule on that yet... More importantly, it's Matt's Birthday that day, so the prospect of cake is on the horizon. I'll make sure to cut my carbs that day to compensate, lol.
Tuesday, I've got a Jeep service scheduled, so that will probably keep me tied to the HQ until Wednesday. That evening, there's a tentative plan for a get-together with friends from my last job. Hopefully, that will come off OK, tho the night before Thanksgiving is sometimes a tough one for get-togethers.

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