12 November 2010

Morning Vent, 12 November 2010

 Unlikely GungirlTM Charlotte Rampling
looks fetching in a man's shirt...

     We had a meeting at work tonight, followed by a nice dinner. All in all, it was an impressive way to get over the hump day of the week. Not sure what the weekend schedule will be like. I've yet to hear anything definite from The Object of My Affections on plans for Sunday. Matt and I are scheduled for some Black Ops gaming on Saturday. I hope the Tech Gods will look down on me kindly and keep my ailing XIM360 working... at least until the XIM3 comes out! There's been no development news on the new gizmo since September, tho. Nonetheless, I updated my XIM info page and added a couple of videos to it, providing background on the XIM technology and a concrete example of the XIM in action in a Modern Warfare 2 Ground War match. Moving on...

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