02 November 2010

Morning Vent, 2 November 2010

Today's GungirlTM has both cool shades
and cool trigger finger discipline...

     It's Election Day, and I'll be going out to do my civic duty as soon as I'm done with the parental chores this AM.
     So, my appointment with the formidable Doctor Anti-House went extremely well. He was amazed at my weight loss and orgasmically pleased at my blood test results. It was a pleasure indeed to see him dumbfounded and have to do the math on my weight loss twice over, in sheer disbelief. I'd lost 41 pounds since my last visit to him on 30 August 2010. He cautioned me not to backslide... No worries there. I'm staying the course. 
     No real news on the social/dating front, tho I'm still hopeful. Got a few emails from a friend I'm hoping to get to know better. No other contacts, tho I did have a wonderful time chatting last night on Facebook last night. It was a tremendous amount of fun hanging with Effie, whom I met on Cupid.com. Best buddy Matt even popped in for a brief chat before I went to sleep, which I did super-early.
     Today, I have lunch scheduled with Roseanne and CarolAnn, my long time friends. Some other folks are rumored to possibly make it, maybe the lovely Tania, and even Hizzoner Bob Phillips, the Unofficial Mayor of Beacon. So, it'll be just us girls this PM at the Maya Cafe. (And kidding aside, with Rose, CarolAnn, and Tania there, the feminine pulchritude in attendance will be dazzling!)
    This after-lunch, my Godson will be coming over for a visit, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him!
     Moving on...


Anonymous said...

Gun girl should have the bolt open on the M-10/9 if she actually wants to use it. ;-)
Congrats on losing 40+ pounds, thats awesome Ralph!

Ryan said...

And your godson enjoyed seeing you!

Joker961 said...

Thanks, Bubba. Sorry I was more into the chat than into hanging. We'll make up for it next week...

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