10 January 2011

Morning Vent, 10 January 2011

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GungalTM Trinity looks spiffy in her
shiny vinyl trenchcoat...

    Had a wonderful evening with my Sweet Effie; she made some awesome home-made chicken nuggets! We followed up with some birthday cake for her grand-daughter. It was just a fantastic night, just being together! On the health front, indulging in these had my Honey a little concerned about blowing my diet. But I checked my blood glucose this AM, and, despite two (modest) pieces of cake, my blood sugar was a dead-normal 74. So, I'm no longer Type II diabetic, but I am continuing to be strict and cautious about what and when I eat: No sugary stuff, and no eating before bed. I want to be with my loving gal a long, long time, and my best bet for doing that is to do all I can to get and stay healthy! 
    My Jeep is in the shop now, so fingers crossed that the repair is not a huge one. Should be a quick, inexpensive fix, theoretically, but car repairs can be like exploratory surgery: Dig around in there long enough, and they're sure to find a lot of stuff that needs fixing, lol. Moving on...

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