11 January 2011

Morning Vent, 11 January 2011

Bikini-top GungalTM finds out things
don't always go as planned...

    [Skipping the blog newslinks today, as I have a lot of stuff to do before the work week commute tomorrow.]

    Had a wonderful afternoon with my sweet Effie yesterday, despite some travel complications, lol! My honey is fighting off a head cold, so we stayed home and just spent some time together. Ironically, she wound up giving me a lift back to the HQ again when my Pop's car had issues as well! All I can say is, Yikes. 
    But it doesn't really matter, since we were together, and just being together is an awesome thing in itself. Everything else is small potatoes! I'm hoping the vehicular stars align today for me to visit her again in the afternoon. I'm waiting to hear back from the Jeep dealer on that repair, after which Tech Sergeant Rei and I will attempt to get the other car going. 
    Adding to the festivities, there's a winter storm menacing the Albany commute - assuming I have transport - and the apartment move on Saturday. And it's all OK, because I have my Honey waiting for me with open arms to come home after the work week is done. Moving on...

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